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Monday, August 30, 2010

Upcoming Events: Women Who Tech Telesummit, Plus the Amp Summit

Coordination Rules Adopted by #FEC Fail Again To Comply With Court Order and Are Contrary to Law. #cfr #elections

The Federal Election Commission has provided a huge loophole in which congressional candidates will be free to exercise complete control over spending by corporations, labor unions, and others on ads promoting such candidates or attacking their opponents, without this constituting illegal "coordinated" spending under the campaign finance laws.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Candidates Resort to Increasingly Drastic Measures in Fight for Open Debates. #elections #voting

Though some have achieved major successes in forcing inclusive debates this year, many third party and independent candidates for office are resorting to increasingly drastic measures in their fight to be included in forums and debates.

How to Do a Citizens’ Assembly. #activism #gov20

Explaining the concept of a Citizens’ Assembly and defending it against unfounded criticism.

Five Participation-Related Topic Proposals at #SXSW ‘11. #activism

Like last year, the vast majority of session proposals for SXSW ‘11 in the Open Government category seem to focus on transparency and open data. Here are five sessions that look interesting from a participation perspective.

Voto Latino is hiring Field Organizers in AZ, TX, CO, FL, and CA. #voting #elections #latino

Voto Latino seeks to immediately hire several field organizers for its United We Win 2010 mid-term elections voter registration campaign. The organizer will be responsible for conducting non-partisan voter registration in Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Rio Grande Valley, Denver, and southern Florida.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Digital Tech Can Do For Activists: The Short Answer - making digital #activism smarter

New #book: "Winner-Take-All Politics". #politics #usa #activism

Winner-Take-All Politics—part revelatory history, part political analysis, part intellectual journey— shows how a political system that traditionally has been responsive to the interests of the middle class has been hijacked by the superrich. In doing so, it not only changes how we think about American politics, but also points the way to rebuilding a democracy that serves the interests of the many rather than just those of the wealthy few.

Is 23% enough to be an Arizona Congressman? Non-majority rules in August 25 primaries in AZ, FL & VT. #voting

The solution to these controversial primaries is simple. Instant run off voting (IRV) would never allow a candidate to win without a majority of the final round vote. IRV is a non-partisan way to ensure the most deserving candidate, one who achieves a majority will win without having to worry about any ‘spoilers’, split vote, or the number of candidates running.

Pac-Man for president: Hack highlights e-voting flaws. #elections #voting

In a continuing effort to highlight the vulnerability of paperless touchscreen -- or direct recording electronic (DRE) -- voting systems, Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan and Ariel Feldman of Princeton University reprogrammed one such system, the Sequoia AVC Edge, to play Pac-Man. The researchers were able to load the software into the machine without breaking the tamperproof seals.

I moved...how do I vote? #voting #elections

The Brennan Center's new guide, "Voting After You Move," intends to answer questions for our country's more mobile voters that hope to cast a ballot in their state's upcoming primary, or in the general midterm election in November.

Facebook making inroads into campaigns. #activism #ngo #politics #facebook

With the announcement of Facebook Places this week and the hockey-stick growth curve the social network has seen over recent years, its abundantly clear that Facebook is not going anywhere.

And with new features rolling out periodically, putting your stake in the ground on Facebook is becoming more and more of a land grab about who can be 'the first' to put Facebook to work in innovative new ways for their personal brand, business, or political campaign.

We've put together a collection of articles from the past few days that will give you a rundown of how to make the best use of Facebook for your political campaign.

Move the needle: How to activate your supporters. #activism

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Report Urges the IRS to Improve Enforcement and Oversight of 527s. #cfr #fec

One out of every four 527 campaign reports reviewed in an audit had incomplete or missing contributor or recipient information.

eCitizenship, Empowerment, and Rights

In many cases in daily life, your ability to effectively assert your rights as a citizen will be largely determined by your digital literacy, and more specifically, your use of digital literacy in the context of citizenship.

Book: The Wisdom of Group Decisions: 100 Principles and Practical Tips for Collaboration

Each tip is a provocative meditation and the book as a whole is a complete toolkit.

Obama awards 13 citizens for their good deeds. #activism

President Barack Obama recently recognized 13 people with the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second highest honor that can be conferred on an American civilian.

An End to Prison Gerrymandering. #elections #voting

Passed legislation bans prison-based gerrymandering - the cynical practice of counting prison inmates as "residents," to pad the size of legislative districts. The new law, which requires that prison inmates be counted at their homes, deserves to be emulated all across the country.

Report Shows Over 100,000 Ohio Citizens Benefit From Voter Registration Compliance Efforts. #elections #voting

NSF Grant: Developing Technologies for Public Engagement and Deliberation. #activism

We propose to investigate the design, implementation, deployment, and testing of innovative ways for citizens and government to communicate.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News from government watchdogs:

  • Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time: DC cash fuels close primaries in Alaska, Arizona and Florida http://bit.ly/daFWLo #gov20

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You Ask, Politicians Answer. Seriously! #civic #activism #elections

The way it works is simple: anyone can post a question (video or text), anyone can vote those up or down (one vote per question per IP address), anyone can embed a question, a race, a state, or the entire country via a fully functional widget, on any website they want.

Question on NCDD Forum about online engagement. #activism #civic #gov20 #opengov

Matt Leighninger (Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium), who’s working on a report on online engagement, just posted a question in the forum that he’d love your responses to.

Public Participation: Ten Simple Ideas for Better Online/Offline Integration. #activism #civic #gov20 #opengov

How can we best meld/combine face-to-face engagement with online engagement?

You're Invited: The National Conference on Citizenship. #activism

Washington D.C. September 17, 2010 at the Library of Congress.

The Conference is an annual event that focuses on the state of civic engagement in America. It brings together 400 civic leaders, educators, CEOs, and representatives from each of the three branches of government to address issues related to our nation’s civic health.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Statement of Commissioners Highlights Leniency of FEC Disclosure Rules. #cfr #disclosure #fec #elections

Earlier this week, the three Republican members of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released a statement of reasons explaining their votes in May to dismiss a case against a no longer active 501(c)(4) group, Freedom's Watch. The Washington Independent says that the material released "bodes particularly ill for the chances of any form of meaningful campaign finance disclosure from independent groups during the upcoming election cycle."

NCDD 2010 San Francisco: The NorCal Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, 10/29/10

This Natl. Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation NorCal gathering on October 29th will bring together dialogue and deliberation professionals and up-and-comers, public managers, students, and interested citizens from across Northern California.

The event will build on what the NCDD community learned in the past year and a half from our involvement in the White House's Open Government Initiative, and through efforts like the creation of the Core Principles for Public Engagement.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chamber of Commerce, Other Groups Skirt Letter of Law in Reporting Political Ads. #cfr #elections

If the Chamber believed its ad contained express advocacy, it would be reporting the ad as an independent expenditure using Form 5, not as an electioneering communication using Form 9.

Methodologies for the Civically Engaged. #activism

Some innovative methods fans and/or the civic-minded employ in order to engage in civics, politics, activism, charity, or active community.

Is Obama Muslim? Are Americans getting dumber? #activism #politics #education

Beneath our national democracy runs a national dumb-ocracy, a vast community of folks who don't care all that much about civic engagement and other current affairs.

Matt Gonzalez, Ron Paul to Appear Together at Anti-War Rally in San Francisco. #activism #wars #lp #greens

Other, undisclosed speakers are expected for a broad representation of the political spectrum for this issue.

Republican Digital Shop Takes Foursquare-Style Social Games to Politics. #elections #activism

A set of tools for combining Facebook, social games, and Foursquare-style action-based incentives to driven online and offline activism.

Flash mob protests Target. #activism #p2 #green

Activists protesting the Citizens United US Supreme Court decision used a creative tactic to get their message out at a Target store: a flash mob.

Aggressive Progressive » We need a movement. #p2 #topprog #green #activism

“One Nation Working Together” March will take place in Washington, DC on October 2nd. OneNation is comprised of a broad coalition, including labor, faith, civil rights, women, environmental, economic justice, community, youth, immigrant and GLBT groups, as well as many others.

Possibilities for Transformational Conferences. #gov20 #ogov

An 8-page primer on how to plan events for 50 or more people that are interactive and engaging.

Organizing tips from the AIDemocracy Regional Coordinator Retreat. #activism #ngo

Advocacy and organizing skills: some points.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Anti-torture protest at Minneapolis courthouse. #torture

A photo, by Robert Schlauch, documents a recent protest against torture at the Minneapolis Courthouse. The protest coincided with the eighth anniversary of the torture memos.

5 collaboration tools to enhance #productivity. #office #nonprofit

The top Web-based project management and collaboration tools that can help nonprofits and other organizations get stuff done.

CityCampSF: October 16/17, 2010 in San Francisco, CA #gov20 #opengov #ogov

CityCampSF will be part of a greater string of global CityCamps. What is CityCamp? CityCamp is a barcamp focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations.

Reclaiming Democracy: Changing the Way We Talk about Critical Issues

Subtitle “A Report of a Project to Engage Legislators in Dialogue and Suggestions for Moving Forward.”

Deterring Fake Public Participation

Obama has returned to more open government policies, which have opened the door to more public engagement with it.

Although the well educated and comfortable lead in online activism, new demographic patterns are emerging http://bit.ly/aq7x3Q #activism http://bit.ly/bwlOJ5

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Engaged Youth � New Inventory of Online Youth Civic Engagement Resources

Legislation Calls for Study of How Government can Better Partner with the Nonprofit Sector �|�America Forward

Upcoming Glenn Beck rally in D.C. is expected to attract 300,000 conservative activists http://bit.ly/cbHsfh http://bit.ly/aK30tn

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network Blog: Voting Rights of Ex-Offenders

FOIA training seminars announced : Sunshine Review Blog

firstamendmentcenter.org: news

Two Paradigms of Digital Activism :

Liberation Technology and Digital Activism :

Clicktivism, Schmictivism. Move on, literally. :

A “Sham” or Democracy at Work? � Partnership For A More Perfect Union

How Polling Places Can Affect Your Vote | Miller-McCune Online

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pentagon Police
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News from government watchdogs:

  • Sunlight Foundation: The dysfunctional way we view campaign contributions and corruption http://bit.ly/bOzspB #gov20
  • Fishermen Embrace Change in the Sinaloa, Mexico Shrimp Fishery: Part I http://bit.ly/a3vzja #climate
  • Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time: With Obama close by, Lee shakes the tree on Martha’s Vineyard http://bit.ly/bLHXtN #gov20

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Facebook (2) | Happy 40th Birthday Common Cause

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News from government watchdogs:

  • Morning Bonfire: Agencies Curtail Oversight of Employees that Perform Intelligence Work http://bit.ly/9SaNfY #obama
  • Sunlight Foundation: Big oil money at the state level mostly goes to influence the public, not the po... http://bit.ly/coaUz3 #gov20
  • Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: Gitmo detainee classifications remain detatched from identities http://bit.ly/cUBIYO #gov20
  • Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: Senator given $100K round of applause by musicians' group http://bit.ly/9Bwblc #gov20

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People's Blog for the Constitution :: Judge rules Americans are not entitled to privacy || Un juez decide que americanos no tienen derecho a privacidad

Jamie Henn: Big Oil launches bogus "citizen rallies" to fight regulation

Peter Levine: a bull market in youth civic engagement

Peter Levine: what is the best participatory process in the world?

Third Party and Independent Daily: PA: Green and Libertarian Parties Call on Democrats and Republicans to Cease Authoritarian Ballot Control Efforts

Sunshine 2.0 – What do you expect of your local government online in support of transparency, participation, and collaboration? | E-Democracy.Org – Project Blog

NCDD Resource Center � Blog Archive � Beyond Debate: Impacts of Deliberative Issue Framing on Group Dialogue and Problem Solving

NCDD Resource Center � Blog Archive � A Field Guide to Convening Dialogue

NCDD Resource Center � Blog Archive � Participedia

Civic Engagement and Recent Immigrant Communities

Welcome to the Age of Engagement | Age of Engagement | Big Think

Post in UK Guardian Op-ed - Clicktivism is ruining leftist activism: Newswire - Steven Clift's Democracies Online Newswire: Democracies Online

NCDD Resource Center � Blog Archive � The New Laboratories of Democracy: How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement

Government by the People: The Importance of Public Engagement | TheCityFix.com

Monday, August 16, 2010

News from government watchdogs:

  • Towns Introduces House Version of Bill to Counter SEC's FinReg FOIA Exemptions http://bit.ly/bDWra2 #obama
  • Sunlight Foundation: Less of a non-sequitur response on campaign finance http://bit.ly/b9opnx #gov20
  • Sunlight Labs: Google Summer Of Code Adds New Goodies To Congress (Android App) http://bit.ly/dzlGcO #gov20

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

All Things Reform will resume posting by Friday, August 20th. Thanks for your patience.
~David Weller

Friday, August 13, 2010

News from government watchdogs:

  • Sunlight Foundation: LIVE: Rep. Maxine Waters Defends Against Ethics Charges http://bit.ly/aG6bwu #gov20
  • Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: OMB struggles to track $800 billion IT spending by government http://bit.ly/9VDRFZ #gov20
  • Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: Bauer, Obama's new ethics point man, had double standards on 527s http://bit.ly/9H339X #gov20

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

News from government watchdogs:

  • Sunlight Foundation: City of Bell and the Case for Grassroots Transparency http://bit.ly/drZNjp #gov20
  • Afternoon Smoke: New Tool for Tracking Energy Industry Influence on Congress http://bit.ly/9X643n #obama
  • Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: NIH urged to create a single website showing grantees' funding http://bit.ly/bx43HO #gov20
  • Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time: Bob Bennett still out at fundraisers, not making ships in... http://bit.ly/b35AN1 #gov20
  • Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: Google requests AdWords service be exempted from FEC rule http://bit.ly/bAjkV9 #gov20
  • FACA Lift: House Passes Bill to Increase Accountability in the "Fifth Arm of Government" http://bit.ly/9AL269 #obama

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

News from government watchdogs:

  • White House proposal protects BP’s Gulf profits, discourages harsh sanctions http://bit.ly/bjqE3m #reform

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Why Tuesday? � Blog Archive � On Food Stamps and Voter Registration

Three working assumptions about social media and activism, J. Postill � media/anthropology

Privacy.org - The Source for News, Information, and Action

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News from government watchdogs

  • The Golden Ticket Yields Plenty of Green: A tour of a Chinese factory brings energy savings to light http://bit.ly/cKWO0M #climate
  • Will Obama man up to the banks and appoint Elizabeth Warren to consumer post? http://bit.ly/bejhVv #reform

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ACSblog | A Look at the Voting Rights Act at 45 | American Constitution Society

Doing Research in the 21st Century :

Seeking Digital Activism Case Studies :

FairVote.org | Voting Rights Act turns 45

The Voice of American Middle Class: Building a Better Citizen - Ash Center

Reinventing Governance Conference: October 8-10, 2010 in Boulder, CO

A Private Sphere: Democracy in a Digital Age - Kansas City infoZine News

The Toronto Model | Mostly Water

Monday, August 09, 2010

News from government watchdog

  • Camp Baucus: A senator’s innovative — and unfortunate — fundraising plan http://bit.ly/bOPfqF #reform

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