Thursday, April 29, 2004

Home Page One of the candidates for the 2000 nomination of the Reform Party for POTUS may run again in 2004. Bob Bowman states on his 2000 Issues page:

"Over the years, I have been best known for my opposition to "Star Wars" weapons, nuclear war, an interventionist foreign policy, and excessive "defense" spending. Nonetheless, as a candidate for national office, I think I should tell voters where I stand on all the issues — even those where I am not a recognized expert. Some of these issues are ones candidates love to duck, because every position is bound to offend someone. Still, ducking is not my style. I think it would be great if every candidate stated his position on every one of these issues, up front, in writing, and on his web site. (Mine is Give me your comments, suggestions, and gripes, and I’ll deal with them. But for now, here I stand."

I spoke with him this afternoon as RPUSA National Press Secretary, to find out if he was seeking the party's nomination this year. I briefed him on our recent negotiations with Ralph Nader, and on our home-grown candidates Ted Weill and Jason Pacifico. He said that if Ted stepped down from his candidacy, he would seek our nomination. I then related this to Ted in a subsequent call, and Ted said that he wants what will draw the most votes to the party in November; that means he would do so for Nader, but that he thinks he is as well-known in the party as Mr. Bowman, and that he would leave that up to the delegates in the upcoming national convention. By the way I also told Mr. Bowman that our national chairman is seeking speakers for the convention. Bob Bowman has not ruled out the nomination of the Reform Party USA for 2004.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Political Split Is Pervasive ( The first in a series of 3 articles on "Red - Blue America" highlights in simplistic terms the chasm developed between the Democrats and Republicans. Most major party sympathizers are residing within a political reality that sees the winner of a winner-take-all system based on highly divisive issues. As a reformer, I have developed a political philosophy that is mostly independent of that system, and I have found few opportunities to make a contribution as a member of the greater society, given that 70-80 percent of voters are committed to one or the other major parties.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Judicial Watch - Because no one is above the law! Vice President Cheney is being challenged by Judicial Watch on his "Separation of Powers" constitutional claim, that his Energy Task Force deliberations in 2001 with energy industry officials and lobbyists are protected from scrutiny by the Courts or Congress. Should the people have a right to know? It's called government transparency and openness, and constituents need to know what the person they elected into office is doing. Only if this is an instance of national security can we leave the deliberations in more secure conditions. Books: Democracy
Purchased this book by Henry Adams from McMurry Univ. bookstore (yeah, used copy) recently; haven't read it yet.. Wrote this poem just a few minutes ago:


Crass party petitions
Crass voter seditions

Crass candidate cracks
Crass public hacks

Crass contributions
Crass money amunitions

Crass representatives
Crass candidate pensives

Monday, April 26, 2004

Checked on my online posting of my letter to the editor-- it's still listed on the letters page; the Abilene Reporter News will keep your letter there for several days. I believe this is the most successful tool to reach a wide audience locally. They allow one every 30 days, so you can theoretically have 12 letters published a year. But just like press releases, timing can improve your reception exponentially.