Sunday, October 05, 2008

Reminders on registering to vote

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Reminder on Voter Registration Deadlines

That a quarter of Americans are not registered to vote as state deadlines approach points to value of universal voter registration

We are only halfway through the presidential debate season, yet by Tuesday — fully four weeks before the general election — about half of unregistered Americans will no longer be able to register to vote. As a nation, we lag far behind nearly every other well—established nation with voter registration, with more than a quarter of eligible voters not registered to vote. If every registered voter participated this November, we still would be low in the rankings in international voter participation.

So please, make sure you are registered to vote and make sure your friends are registered. Do not assume — verify!

More broadly, it is time for us to join the full democratic world where the government and citizen both take responsibility for ensuring that every eligible voter is registered — and only registered once. FairVote is pioneering proposals to ensure all young people are registered before reaching voting age, and is collaborating with organizations like the Brennan Center for Justice and the New America Foundation on ensuring every eligible voter has the tools to participate in their democracy.

Voter Registration Resources:

  • Rock the Vote guide to voter registration [HERE]
  • Google guide to voter registration and polling place locations [HERE]
  • FairVote talking points, sample letters and reports on voter registration, focused in particular on ways to register all young people reaching voting age: [HERE]
  • The Brennan Center for Justice draft policy proposal on universal registration [HERE]

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